Updates for Odell’s Gluten Free Bakery

With the ongoing COVID-19 crises all over the world we know that a lot of our customers cannot get in for their bakery products. We do have options.

  1. A.     Call our Café line during business hours Tuesday to Saturday 11am till 5pm 
            (902) 405-6465 ext. 2 and place an order over the phone we will then process your credit card for payment.


Pickup or Delivery options

1.     Do you have transportation but cannot come into our facility? Place your order, option A. When you arrive call us and we will bring it out to the curb for you to pick up.

2.     Don’t have transportation. Our courier service we have been using for 7 years can deliver to you, certain conditions apply. The average charge is $21.00 taxes. (Unfortunately, we are not Amazon we cannot pay for your delivery).

3.     Outside of our area. MBW courier can deliver to you throughout NS and NB. We will confirm pricing on Tuesday when we reopen and update the post.

4.     And as always you can come in and get your product. Please limit the people you bring in. 1 person per family is efficient. If you have children in your vehicle, we can provide option A.-1. For you.

5.     As always you can place a pre-order on our website (2 business days’ notice) and pickup at your preferred time. If you wish to have the order delivered please contact us first either though our website or phone number above so we can quote you a delivery price.  

As always keep safe and limited your exposure to others. With everyone helping each other out we can all get though these tough times.


Odell’s Team